¿Cómo dormir durante el embarazo?

How to sleep during pregnancy?

How to sleep during pregnancy?

It is very common to have doubts about what is the best sleeping position during pregnancy.

It is recommended that mothers sleep preferably on their left side, although there is no problem in sleeping on the right. This is because when the uterus reaches 20 weeks, its position is more abdominal than pelvic and when the mother is face up, her uterus lies on the aorta artery in its abdominal portion, compressing it.

This can cause a decrease in maternal blood pressure, leading to dizziness, and can decrease fetal heart rate by decreasing placental blood supply.

Pregnant women should listen to their body and its needs, it is not necessary to receive instructions about sleeping in any position, the body on its own will send signals to the mother that will force her to change the position if it is not appropriate (dizziness, feeling choking, sudden fetal movements).

There are different types of pillows for pregnant women, however, each one will find the way to sleep as comfortably as possible.

To avoid compression of the aorta by the uterus, it is enough to divert the abdomen by about 45 degrees. You can use a small pillow or roll at lumbar level.

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