Cómo estimular al bebé en el embarazo

How to stimulate the baby during pregnancy?

How to stimulate the baby during pregnancy?

The most important thing during pregnancy is to begin to create the bond between the mother and other family members with the baby.

This is why the most important stimulus that we recommend during pregnancy is for the mother to start singing to the baby.

The baby perceives the voice as vibrations. It doesn't matter if the mother considers that her singing voice “isn't pretty” or that “it doesn't sing.” In this way, the emotional bond will be strengthened that makes it easier for the baby to recognize your voice and generate well-being. The singing can be accompanied with small swinging movements (soft dances), where the mother creates a magical moment of interaction with her baby in the womb.

Parents, grandparents, uncles can also sing to him. Anyone who is part of the baby's environment!

Contrary to what you will find in other places, at the Tool-be Medical & Scientific Council WE DO NOT RECOMMEND putting headphones on the mother's belly to play music for the baby.

Pregnant babies require sleep time, which favors their growth.

When music is played in the mother's tummy, the baby's sleep can be interrupted without us realizing it. Music is a great companion to pregnancy. But it is preferable to have music sung by parents and other adults, or music recorded but without using headphones in the mother's tummy.

At Tool-be we created the song "Tú mi Angelito" so that everyone in the family begins to create the bond with the baby from the beginning.

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