¿Qué es el control prenatal?

What is prenatal control?

What is prenatal control?

It is the comprehensive medical care consultation, which allows identifying and monitoring the health status of the mother and the baby during the nine months of gestation.

Prenatal care includes consultations with health professionals, laboratory tests, ultrasounds and medical interventions or procedures, to ensure that the pregnancy progresses normally and, if possible, ends successfully.

The number of prenatal control visits and their frequency will depend on the individual situation of each mother and baby, and the moment in which this control begins.

Individual consultations complement each other with prenatal courses and workshops.

At the beginning of these controls, the nurse and/or doctor will complete the medical history and record information about the health status of the mother and baby in the maternal card.

This booklet or booklet must be carried by the mother permanently, since this prenatal card is like “the pregnant woman's ID card.” There, the results of examinations, the treatments received and the measurements and findings that the health professionals find in each of the controls will be noted. In addition, this must be presented at the time of birth to the professional who cares for you so that they can verify that prenatal check-ups have been carried out and how they have developed.

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