¿Qué pasará la primera noche de mi bebé en casa?

What will happen on my baby's first night at home?

What will happen on my baby's first night at home?

Is it true that the baby's first night at home can be difficult?

Probably, when your baby is born, he will be subjected to multiple tactile, painful, mechanical, sound, light and thermal stimuli during his stay in the health institution where he is born. When you get home, you will find a quieter, calmer and less aggressive space, which is why you can become restless, irritable and tearful.

It may seem hungry, and that it only wants to be attached to the mother's chest, loaded and cradled, you can even think that it is hungry, in pain or that it is sick, but it turns out that all this irritation is associated with the super stimulation that the brain has received .

Your baby will desperately need to return to a position and state that resembles life in the womb.

So the best idea is to put it in direct skin-to-skin contact on mom or dad's warm chest!

Hug him, allow him to have his body tucked up or even stay glued to mom's nipple all the time.

Your baby needs calm, warmth, intimacy and security, with this you "survived the second night".

We are sure that you will do very well!

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