Quiero tener un bebé, ¿qué debo hacer?

I want to have a baby, what should I do?

I want to have a baby, what should I do?

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, we give you some important instructions that will guide you in this process!

Bringing a baby into the world requires many responsibilities but at the same time a change of life.

Routine changes

Willing to share time and give your best

It involves evaluating the way you were raised, and improving and not trying to replicate what they did with you.

Pregnancy should be in peace, a mother begins to transmit everything from the womb book recommendation to see how my life as a woman changes in motherhood.

From the role of man: accompanying motherhood and active motherhood to women.

Children who were wanted, and those who did not arrive without planning, BEWARE of gestational depression

Once you make the decision, and are convinced as a family that you want to take the step of becoming parents, you should request a preconception consultation with a gynecologist or obstetrician-gynecologist::

  • He will evaluate the woman's health status: The doctor will perform several tests to evaluate it.
  • It will detect possible risks that can be modified: weight, harmful habits such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, sedentary lifestyle, eating habits, among others.
  • He will recommend measures such as folic acid to the mother to prevent some fetal malformations related to its deficiency.

On average, a couple can take up to 12 months to conceive a baby. This is extremely variable and will depend on several factors, both female and male. However, it is not mandatory to perform advanced examinations before that time, unless the woman is close to or at 40 years of age.

You must take your age into account, it is known that when a woman approaches 40 years of age the pregnancy rate decreases significantly, as well as the rate of malformations such as Down syndrome or trisomy 21 and other possible complications increases.

Knowing your menstrual cycle is essential to know the ovulation periods, patients with regular cycles (every 21 to 35 days) usually ovulate in the middle of the cycle, this is important to strengthen sexual relations during that period and increase the possibility of a pregnancy

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