¿Cómo cuidar y limpiar los dientes del bebé?

How to care for and clean baby's teeth?

How to care for and clean baby's teeth?


The baby's first teeth usually begin to emerge between 4 and 7 months of age, but they can be delayed a little due to hereditary factors and there is no need to worry.

The lower and upper central incisors appear first, followed by the front ones. Then the first molars appear, followed by the canines and fangs.

Teething can cause discomfort in babies, crying, irritability, a lot of drooling, a low temperature fever (maximum 38.3 °C) and a great desire to chew hard items.

We can help you relieve the discomfort by gently rubbing or massaging the gum with our finger. Pain relievers rubbed on babies' gums are not necessary as they disappear quickly.

If the discomfort continues, we recommend consulting your pediatrician.

From the first week of life it is necessary to clean the gums and tongue.

How to clean them?

  • We use a gauze that does not release stains or a clean towel (that is only used for this cleaning), or we also use a small silicone thimble.
  • We moisten these elements with boiled water and pass them first over the arches of the gums and then over the tongue. This should be done 2 to 3 times a day, to avoid milk accumulation and generate oral hygiene habits.
  • We brush the teeth immediately they begin to come out with a soft baby brush. We can use toothpaste without fluoride for babies, although the most important thing is the cleaning done by the brush.
  • It is important not to let the baby sleep with a bottle at nap time or at night, to avoid cavities.
  • As our baby grows, brushing teeth becomes increasingly difficult, therefore, we recommend singing songs, telling stories and giving the baby another brush to play with.

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