¿Cómo me preparo para una consulta de control médico con mi bebé?

How do I prepare for a medical check-up with my baby?

How do I prepare for a medical check-up with my baby?

During the first two years of life, your baby should have frequent evaluations by medical personnel!

In these evaluations, the medical staff will look at aspects such as:

Bullet Physical growth: Weight, height and head circumference

Bullet Developing

Bullet Vaccination scheme

Bullet Eating habits

Bullet bowel habit

Bullet Sleep pattern.

Take advantage of these appointments to clarify any doubts and concerns you have regarding the well-being of your baby.

We recommend you take into account the following, to prepare the medical control visit with your baby:

Take your medical history.
Have your growth and development booklet or card and your vaccination card at hand.
If your baby has seen other doctors or specialists, it is important that you keep records.
Wear clothes that are easy to put on and take off.
Remember to previously make a list with doubts and concerns to consult with your doctor.

Do not forget that in the Toolboxes included in the Tool-be Program you will find the Booklets of each level, and in them you will have a space ready for you to take note of the doubts that arise, so you will have them ready at the time of consultation. It is also very useful that you complete the achievements for each stage, also included in the Booklet for each level, this will help us to identify warning signs at an early age.

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