¿Cómo lavar y esterilizar los frascos para almacenar la leche materna?

How to wash and sterilize bottles to store breast milk?

How to wash and sterilize bottles to store breast milk?

Below we give you some very important recommendations to guarantee the cleaning and sterilization of the bottles where you store breast milk:

• Wash the jars and lids very well with water and dish soap. Rinse with plenty of water. You can also use a dishwasher.
We recommend using a brush or sponge exclusively for washing the bottles that contain breast milk, since dishwashing sponges at home may have food or grease remains.

• You can sterilize the jars in a pot or in microwave sterilization containers.

To sterilize in a pot:

• Fill the pot with enough water so that all the jars and lids are covered.
• Take the pot to the stove and once the water starts to boil, count 10 minutes.
• Remove the jars and lids with tongs, being very careful not to burn yourself with the steam or hot water.
• Let them dry on a clean cloth or on a drying rack for baby supplies. Never use cloths or napkins to dry internally. Residues and impurities could remain.
• Once they are dry, place the lid on them to store them. This way you keep the jars isolated from possible contamination.

You can also sterilize the jars and lids, using electric or microwave sterilizers. Follow the instructions of each of the manufacturers of this equipment

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