Canciones rítmicas para bebés y niños

Rhythmic songs for babies and children

Rhythmic songs for babies and children

The music of each country has different sounds, metrics and rhythms that will help your baby in the development of his musicality and hearing.

Dare to explore different rhythms and play, sing and dance with your baby, it doesn't matter if you think you don't have musical skills, remember that hearing your voice will always be the most wonderful melody for your baby.

When you use music, you create magical moments full of learning with your baby. Do not forget to look him in the eye, so that you connect and communicate with him

We also recommend all the music from Tool-be, which has different rhythms, metrics and sounds that the whole family will enjoy, we suggest the following:

Maria Fumasa

rumbling poomba

the little wolf

5 monsters

Do you already know The Music of Tool-be?

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