¿Qué es el Baby Blues? | Cambios de humor en la mamá

What is Baby Blues? | Mood swings in mom

What is Baby Blues? | Mood swings in mom

Mood changes in the mother after her baby is born are quite frequent, she can feel from emotion and tenderness , to crying and easy anguish . We call these "Baby Blues" and they can occur in 70% to 80% of new mothers.

The exact cause of the "Baby blues" is unknown at this time, it is believed to be related to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and then after the baby is born, however these symptoms should diminish and disappear within the 14 to 20 days after delivery.

Some symptoms that may appear and to which the family should be aware are:

Crying for no apparent reason motor restlessness

Impatience Anxiety

Insomnia Fatigue

Lack of concentration Sadness

Humor changes Irritability

If the symptoms persist, it could be an indication of postpartum depression, for which we recommend consulting the treating doctor without fail and clearly mentioning the symptoms, as these should not be ignored.

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