Food & Nutrition Book 1 - Generalities of food, pregnant and lactating mother

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The food and nutrition of your children depends on what you teach them from birth and it all starts with the good nutrition of the pregnant and lactating mother.

With Book 1 of the Program PEANUT - Tool-be Food & Nutrition Program, you will learn all the generalities to have a nutritious and healthy diet in the family. You will also find a complete guide to feeding pregnant and lactating mothers.

Printed in color, easy to read and beautifully illustrated for "The Best Reading Experience"


    • Chewing, textures and family habits.
    • How to know the nutritional status of children.
    • The 5 basic nutrients and their function in the body.
    • Understanding Nutritional Content Tables
    • The rich and healthy dish of the family
    • food groups
    • How to get nutrients into the daily diet
    • Nutri-plan or meal plan
    • portion sizes
    • Eating habits
    • Nutrition of the pregnant and lactating mother