Food & Nutrition Book 2 - Babies 0-24 months

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The correct start of complementary feeding is determined in the future feeding habits of your baby.

With Book 2 of the Program PEANUT - Tool-be Food & Nutrition Program, We guide you and teach you in an easy and practical way, how to start your baby's complementary feeding and all the determining aspects in establishing good habits for life, following all the principles of responsive feeding with the best of BLW and BLISS

Printed in color, easy to read and beautifully illustrated for "The Best Reading Experience"


    • newborn feeding
    • When to start giving foods other than milk
    • How to prepare for the start of complementary feeding
    • How to prevent choking and Heimlich Maneuver
    • Complementary feeding methods
    • How to start, what foods to give, when to introduce foods, how much the baby should eat
    • Food sizes and consistency
    • Role of caregivers in feeding
    • Types of loss of appetite
    • How to continue breastfeeding