Combo Breast Milk Bottles x4 + Breastfeeding Book

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With the Combo Breast Milk Bottles x 4 + Breastfeeding Book you will have all the knowledge to create your milk bank and prepare for when you are not with your baby.

Take care of your breast milk bank at home, storing it in safe glass containers, free of toxic substances, reusable, easy to sterilize and friendly to the environment.


  • 4 8 oz (250 ml) glass jars, with measurement marking and BPA-free plastic lid (non-toxic)
  • Tool-be Breastfeeding Book - written by international breastfeeding consultants IBCLC
  • 12 Adhesives for marking bottles, erasable and reusable
  • Guide to extraction, conservation and transportation of breast milk.
  • Access guide to Tool-be's SOS Breastfeeding Podcast

Benefits of glass jars

  • Safe containers, Free of toxic substances, reusable, easy to sterilize and friendly to the environment.
  • Made of food-grade glass material, which preserves the original properties of breast milk and protects it against external agents.
  • Marking measurements in ounces (oz) and milliliters (ml) with oven-cured vitrifiable pigments, which are not erased by washing or the sterilization process.
  • The wide mouth of the jars makes it easy to store the milk and wash the jar.
  • The thread on the lid is ideal to prevent liquid dripping.
  • The adhesives are moisture resistant and also erasable so they can be reused.

Indications of use

Use the marker included in the Breastmilk Transport and Storage Kit to mark the bottles with your name, pumping date, and amount of milk expressed. In this way you differentiate the oldest milk to give priority in consumption and if you are at your workplace, you identify your milk from the milk of other mothers who also express in the lactation rooms.

To reuse the stickers, use a cotton swab with alcohol to erase the previous marking. This way you can put a new label on your new expressed milk.