Breast Milk Bank Kit: return to work

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Breast Milk Bank Kit: return to work

The most complete Kit for you to learn how to make your milk bank, how to extract milk, how to store and preserve it, how to transport it and how to consume it.

The Tool-be Breast Milk Bank Kit: back to work is a practical solution for mothers, which meets the technical requirements for the transport and conservation of milk in optimal temperature conditions, and with all the IBCLC guidelines International Board Certified Lactation Consultant


  • Designed by IBCLC International Breastfeeding Consultants experts.
  • Thermal Bag:
    • Easy to transport, with perfect measurements to carry inside your backpack or bag.
    • It can be used in hands-free mode.
    • Internal protection to preserve the cold.
    • Internal pockets to hold bottles.
    • External pocket to carry your baby's items that will stimulate extraction.
  • Glass bottles:
    • Safe containers, free of toxic substances, reusable, easy to sterilize and friendly to the environment.
    • Made of food-grade glass material, which preserves the original properties of breast milk and protects it against external agents.
    • Marking measurements in ounces (oz) and milliliters (ml) with oven-cured vitrifiable pigments, which are not erased by washing or the sterilization process.
    • The wide mouth of the jars makes it easy to store the milk and wash the jar.
    • The thread on the lid is ideal to prevent liquid dripping.
  • The stickers are erasable so they can be reused and are also moisture resistant.


  • Tool-be Breastfeeding Book.
  • Guide to extraction, conservation and transportation of breast milk.
  • Canvas thermal bag with internal protection to preserve the cold.
  • 4 8 oz (250 ml) glass jars, with measurement marking and BPA-free plastic lid (non-toxic) (More jars here)
  • Black marker.
  • 2 cooling gels
  • 12 Stickers for marking bottles
  • 8 Plastic bags with airtight seals as double protection to transport the jars and prevent spills.
  • Sheet with washing and sterilization instructions.
  • SOS Breastfeeding Podcasts by Tool-be


  • Thermal bag: 27 cm long x 15 cm high x 10 cm wide
  • Glass Jars: Capacity 8 ounces (250 ml), diameter 4.5 cm, height 10.5 cm