Set of 5 sensory chicks and nesting box

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Recommended age: + 3 months and up

The Set of 5 sensory chicks and nesting box is the perfect complement to play with La Gallina Lila and to count by singing her song.

The chicks

  • Each chick has different characteristics of color, weight, texture and size, to help your children develop classification, comparison, order and grouping skills. By using the mathematical worksheets (included in the Lilac Hen and Her Chicks Toolbox ), we work on challenges of sequences, series, sets and number-quantity association.
  • Its size and shape were specially designed for the hands of babies and children, becoming a spectacular "tool" for motor development, serving as a stimulus for crawling, for throwing activities and coordination of hands and feet (hand-eye, eye-to-eye). -foot).
  • Its different textures and weights provide different sensations to the touch.

The nest

  • It contains two perforations of different sizes to work on the chicks' lacing activities.
  • Includes "hay" (in kraft paper debris) to simulate a real nesting box, encouraging symbolic play and the creation of stories around the chicken coop.


  • The chicks are easy to wash. You can use a washing machine.
  • They are lightweight which allows you to take them anywhere you go.
  • Ideal for plane or car trips, for children to play during different journeys.


  • 1 small yellow chick
  • 1 small white chick
  • 1 medium yellow chick
  • 1 medium white chick
  • 1 small black chick
  • 1 cardboard nest box
  • "Hay" in paper rubble
  • Non-woven fabric bag so you can take them everywhere


  • Chicks: Textile with cotton and polyethylene fillings
  • Nest: Cardboard
  • Hay: kraft paper


  • Small chicks: 5 cm
  • Medium chicks 7 cm
  • Nest: 20 x20 x 8 cm

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