¿Cómo preparar a los niños para recibir a un hermanito?

How to prepare children to receive a little brother?

How to prepare children to receive a little brother?

How do I prepare my child to welcome a little brother?

Siblings are one of the longest relationships in life, as parents we must help them live it well from the beginning.

  • “What would you do if someone else lived with us?” Let's use our imagination to prepare for the arrival, answer the question with creative activities. Paint, play theater, with movies or books, for example.
  • Visit friends or family with little brothers.
  • Make it part of birth. That he is nearby, that someone is telling him the story or that we can later talk to him about this day.
  • Let's give them the chance to feel included. Distracting him with activities can communicate that we want him to have fun, but first let's ask him where he wants to be and what he feels.
  • The experience of caring for your new sibling can shape your identity and guide you to be your friend and companion.

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