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How is the development of newborn and 1 month old babies?

  • Your newborn baby will usually remain with his upper and lower extremities in a flexed position and his hands clenched.
  • When placed face down, he initially remains with his head on the surface, but at the end of the first month he is able to raise his head looking forward.
  • Although vision is close, the baby differentiates contours and color contrasts such as black-white, and is able to observe the face of its parents at a distance of approximately 30 centimeters.
  • Hearing is perfectly developed and is especially sensitive to the voice of its parents.

The "tools" that we propose below help your baby achieve these and more achievements at this age.

Discover here: how, when and where to do activities with your baby

Step 1: Enter your username and password to the Family Center.

Step 2: Click on the activities that appear in each of the "Tools" (See below).

The Little Book be-0

It is a super summary, ideal for understanding each stage your baby goes through.

At the end, you will find development charts so you can track your baby and blank pages so you can write down the questions that come to mind on a daily basis and you can share them in your consultation with the pediatrician.

You can also track your baby's development in the Family Center in the development menu

Use the plastic ring to take it with you everywhere.

SET of Activities Level be-0

Applying the activities is super easy and everyone can do it at home.

In each activity you learn:

The areas of development worked on, the step by step, the recommended age range, the necessary “Tools”, songs that you can enjoy, variations for later stages and other recommendations.

⭐Each activity has a # number and a name. You can search for them at any time in the Family Center Activities menu

Activities included:

You can continue doing all these activities in later stages. Check the recommended age range.

Black & White Triptych

6 patterns of black and white images, which, due to their high contrast in colors, generate interest for the baby. Games with this “Tool” will help your baby develop skills necessary for visual tracking, including motor coordination for localization and fixation of gaze on moving objects. The versatility of this “Tool” allows it to be used in multiple applications: You can use it as a mobile, resting on the floor, on the sides of the crib or as a reading book.

Recommended activities:

Dog with Textures

With its tongue of different interchangeable textures, you can provide your baby with tactile experiences that will help him in his body perception and integration of sensations. When telling stories, you can use him as a puppet with different personalities depending on the texture of his tongue. This “Tool” is an excellent tool to play and interact with your baby. Remember that meaningful social interaction is essential for their emotional development.

Recommended activities:

black & white sonorous octopus

  • It will serve as support to visually track high contrast objects such as white, black and red that facilitate visual perception in the first months.
  • Its tentacles are fascinating and very useful at this age where the baby has the innate palm grasping reflex. Their size is perfect for the baby to hold in their hands. This way you start to feel different textures.

Recommended activities:

Black & White Hand Puppet

A “Tool” to play and interact with your baby, creating voices and sounds that imitate the sounds of the animal. Its high-contrast colors will help your baby locate and fixate on fixed or moving objects. Additionally, this “Tool” is very useful when reading (reading initiation), because you can use it as a puppet and make it part of stories and stories, where with your voice and gestures, you will turn every moment into pure magic and many smiles.

Recommended activities:

Tool bag

Practical bags that will help you protect, organize, store and take the “Tools” anywhere.

*Colors may vary according to availability

One Day Bag Backpack

*Included only in the be-0 PREMIUM Toolbox

Take the Tool-be program anywhere your baby goes: grandparents' house, walks or trips, parks, restaurants, etc.


Included only in the be-0 PREMIUM Toolbox

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