Juego y exploración libre en el piso para mi bebé

Play and free exploration on the floor for my baby

Play and free exploration on the floor for my baby

When we talk about free play or exploration on the floor for your baby, we are referring to the importance of being on a hard surface in different positions.

Initially you can use a firm mat or a rubber/foam type mat that allows him to be comfortable and safe!

In this way your baby can support his whole body on his back or face down, this experience will allow him to stretch, turn around, try to crawl and move forward. Accompany him during this moment with love and attention, to avoid accidents.

Bullet By letting your baby explore freely, you are helping him to strengthen his autonomy, his body and his mind through free movement and exploration. Bullet

When your baby starts to drag, the mat will lose its function, so we recommend leaving it on the ground so that it can exercise its movement, while strengthening its arms and legs.

We know you can feel scared putting your baby down !

The important thing is that you do not leave him unattended, that you try to have a clean space ready for him and that you accompany his needs.

We recommend using the music from Tool-be while allowing your baby to explore on the floor.
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