¿Debo permitir que mi bebé se lleve las manos a la boca?

Should I allow my baby to put his hands in his mouth?

Should I allow my baby to put his hands in his mouth?

In the process of neurodevelopment it is a great achievement that your baby can bring his hands to the front and center of the body

Your baby will watch every movement of his hands with fascination, because until now he is discovering them and by doing so he is also training his eye muscles.

This discovery occurs approximately from the third month of life , however, it can vary!

Bullet Your baby will enter an oral stage, where he will bring his hands and all objects to his mouth.

Bullet Through it he will begin to explore tactile sensations with his lips and tongue, and in this way he will begin to know his world.

Bullet Many moms and dads don't let their babies put their hands in their mouths because they're afraid they'll start "thumb sucking"; it is important to allow it by understanding that it is in its oral stage .

Bullet If your baby does not play with them yet, we recommend you take his hands and start touching each of its parts, you can also put a large object on his chest so that he begins to bring his hands to the center.


Hands are the first toy that nature gives your baby

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