Contacto piel a piel en la primera hora de vida: Importancia para la lactancia

Importance of the first hour of life in breastfeeding

Importance of the first hour of life in breastfeeding

The importance of the first hour

Immediately after the baby is born, it is very important to place him on the mother's chest, skin to skin. It is ideal to do it in the first hour of life. This position is called “biological position.”

Skin-to-skin contact activates the innate nipple-seeking reflex and little by little the baby will begin to crawl in search of it. Once he feels the nipple, the areola and the smell of its secretions, the process of searching for the nipple begins and after several attempts, he will achieve the latch. It is important to try to let the baby carry out this search on his or her own, since this act will create a memory, which will favor subsequent feedings and help to have successful breastfeeding.

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