Educar sin premios ni castigos

Educate without rewards or punishments

Educate without rewards or punishments

Educate without punishments or rewards?

Educating our children will have more meaning if we teach them to do things responsibly: because it makes us happy, for pleasure, because it is the right thing to do and not because they are going to win a reward or a punishment.

Rewards and punishments are strategies to convince our children that what we suggest should be followed. Although it is an option still used by many parents, it does not mean that it is effective for the lives of our children, since in reality it is not making them responsible for the decision they make.

Before threatening punishment or offering a reward, let's help him make good decisions. That is only achieved by thinking about what can happen. It will always be better for him to start taking them at our side, so that later he can do it well and without an adult.

“If you hit your friend, it will hurt and he will feel very sad. How would you feel if your friend did that to you?”

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