Los famosos 2 años

The famous 2 years

If a 2-year-old could choose one phrase it would be this: “Dads, thank you for showing me things up to this age! Now I want to draw my own conclusions, but don't stop looking at me.”

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Educar sin premios ni castigos

Educate without rewards or punishments

Educating our children will have more meaning if we teach them to do things responsibly: because it makes us happy, for pleasure, because it is the right thing to do and not because they are going to win a reward or a punishment.

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El buen ejemplo para aprender a comunicar las cosas

The good example to learn to communicate things

And if we are exhausted, let's be honest, let's say “today has not been an easy day for both of us” and “I think you need something and we haven't been able to understand what it is.” Let's accept that we need help to be able to help you and let's also look for someone trustworthy who can replace us for a moment.

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Abrazar, mecer, sostener: las prácticas del amor

Hugging, rocking, holding: the practices of love

Learning to communicate with the baby is the task that we, as parents, have for these first months. Their routines move between sleep, feeding and diapers, and they are needs that we know must be met. Furthermore, around these needs there is a language that we must know and it is that of the senses.

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Pautas esenciales para el nuevo rol de ser padres

Essential guidelines for the new role of parenting

We suggest you start from day zero, before birth. This is one of the moments where you will hear the most voices about what it is to be parents. Choosing well who to listen to will make us bond in a particular way with the needs of our children.

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El llanto de los bebés: por qué lloran y  tiempos normales de lloro

Babies crying: why they cry and normal crying times

Babies ask for what they need, they have a reason, because they expect to be cared for. If no one answers, they will knock louder. Crying is one of the ways babies tell us that they need something; This is how they communicate with us.

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