¿Qué hacer cuando mi bebé llora?

What to do when my baby cries?

What to do when my baby cries?

We give you some ideas that will create a predictable interaction for a secure link:
  • When the crying starts, get closer to the baby, this will prevent him from becoming more excited. Hold him and rock him.
  • Try to cover the basic motifs. While you do it, talk to him or sing to him.
  • Never let him cry until he is tired, this activates toxic substances for his brain that, if repeated frequently, can affect his future learning and his bond with others.
  • If you notice that you are getting upset, ask someone you trust for help, take some time to calm down and come back.

The good news is that the fear or uncertainty that initially generates a baby's crying can turn into trust. That is, with experience we become experts at identifying signals before the noise of crying and this is one of the signs that our communication is improving.

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