El llanto de los bebés: por qué lloran y  tiempos normales de lloro

Babies crying: why they cry and normal crying times

Babies crying: why they cry and normal crying times


Many mothers wonder why their babies cry?

Babies ask for what they need, they have a reason, because they expect to be cared for. If no one answers, they will knock louder. Crying is one of the ways babies tell us that they need something; This is how they communicate with us.

If we continually delay serving them or not at all, they could begin to believe that what they need doesn't matter around them and they will stop trusting.

There are several reasons why they cry: the basic ones can be hunger, a dirty diaper, heat or cold, teething, sleep, noise.

These are easy to solve and practice will help us understand the reason for complying with what they need.

It is unusual for a newborn baby to cry because of pain.

How long is the normal time for a baby to cry?

The sum of crying periods during a day is normally two to three hours. We speak of excessive crying in the infant when the duration of crying exceeds three hours. When this happens you should consult your doctor to rule out a health situation.

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