¿Qué hacer si mi hijo rechaza algunos alimentos?

What to do if my child refuses some foods?

What to do if my child refuses some foods?

It is important to know that a healthy child will eat as much as he needs, for survival he will eat when he feels that the body asks for it and he will not suffer from hunger.

It is common to see that as parents we use different methods when we see that our child does not eat well or has no appetite, becoming alarmed and thinking that he will not have adequate growth.

Some of the known methods are:

Bullet Persuasion: Beg him to eat.
Bullet Distraction: Using the television, radio, or cell phone while eating.
Bullet Bribery: Giving him sweets, ice cream, cookies or others, if he eats "well".
Bullet Threats: Tell him that he will not grow well, that they will not love him or any other threat.
Bullet Force: Cover the child's nose and force him to eat when he opens his mouth to breathe.
Bullet Punishment : Hit him for not eating.
Bullet Food between meals: Give him food all day without set times, for fear that he will not eat anything.

None of these methods will solve your child's lack of appetite, and on the contrary, it can make it worse.

It is important that you know the origin of your child's loss of appetite so that you seek appropriate management and also establish eating habits at home, which allow your child to adapt to a feeding routine .

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