Niños inquietos: ¿Cómo manejar sus emociones?

Restless children: How to manage their emotions?

Restless children: How to manage their emotions?

The restless child

Most young children are very active and have a lot of energy. Energetic behavior is normal, there will be times of the day in which it manifests itself more than others. Observing when these energy spikes occur could give us information if they are related to a particular situation, if they coincide with some news, for example, when a new baby arrives or the family moves house. Then restlessness can be the response to uncertainty or joy.

  • To talk to him, let's make sure he pays attention to us, increase closeness and eye contact.
  • Let's avoid shouting, it will be preferable to go to where he is, bend down until we are at the same height and touch him gently while we talk.
  • Let's use words that don't offend him, let's replace “stay still, you're very tired,” with “remember to walk slower, you could get hurt.”
  • Let's plan activities in a place where as parents we feel calm, to allow them to run, jump, climb, play with a ball or dance. Children need a lot of movement and a lot of physical exploration.

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