Niños miedosos: ¿Cómo manejar sus emociones?

Fearful children: How to manage their emotions?

Fearful children: How to manage their emotions?

The scared child

Childhood is the perfect time to fantasize, which is why there are fears that we resolve as we grow and others for which we need help and more company. Fear is an emotion that seeks to test one's own abilities and those of others to face new situations that appear to learn to protect oneself and confirm that this is a place of protection.

Let us accept without conditions what our son feels, answer every call, hear every question, accompany him when he needs it and hug him in every difficult moment, confirms that we can be brave.

This fear that our children feel invites us to investigate its reasons because they are generally unknown to us and to everyone, which does not mean that they do not exist.

  • Let's avoid the "it doesn't exist" or "it's only in your imagination": ignoring their feelings does not allow us to know them.
  • Let's ask about what they feel, the answers are key to discovering what we should change or how we should accompany them.
  • Talking about your fears, in your language, will be easier. Let's choose a story or tell a story that describes how a character acts in these situations. Painting, playing or representing our child's fantasy, all of this will allow us to find alternative solutions, for example, hanging the drawings as protection at night.
  • Thinking that leaving them alone solves their fears can be inadequate and become a risk factor. It will always be better to talk to someone about what worries us so as not to continue with the idea that something bad will happen to us.

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